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Las Cruces Youth Soccer

Las Cruces Youth (formerly High Noon) Soccer League is the only youth soccer league in Las Cruces, NM, U.S.A. The league is dedicated to recreation and the development of the overall abilities of every player in a safe, positive environment without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, or economic status.

Improve Soccer Facilities Petition

Please sign the petition asking the city to improve our soccer facilities! Share with your friends.

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Needing a Team or Players

To see which teams are looking for players or what players are looking for a team go to the Needing a Team or Players page

Important Dates / Future Deadlines

  • Sat, March 3: Spring Season to start
  • Sun, April 22: City Cup Schedule Posted [HERE]
  • Fri-Sun, May 11-13: City Cup

Registration Info : click [ HERE ]

Fall 2017 …

We will continue to collect no more than two payments before the season begins. NO CASH!

The deadline for 1st payment will be Friday, August 4th with the second payment due Friday, August 25th.

The conflict sheet should be updated soon…

Team fees break down then as such for Fall 17:
U8s and below will continue to use Game Managers instead of referees.

Age Group Fee Play Format Roster Maximum
U4, U5, U6, U7, U8  $350 4 v 4 (no GK) 8
U9 & U10  $600 7 v 7 12
U11 & U12  $700 9 v 9 16
U13 and above  $950 11 v 11 22; but only 18 on game rosters
U13 and above, 7 v 7  $700 7 v 7 14

Quick Contact Information:

The office is located at 1754 Buildtek Court, Building 4.

The phone number for the office is (575) 523-0261 and the fax number is (575) 680-2719.

For general questions, please email

For Erik Tuchfarber specifically, please email

For Gaby Velasco specifically, please email

For scheduling questions, please email

For coaching questions, please email

City of Las Cruces Mosquito Hotline: 541-2547.